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Guardian Angel Eyael

Guardian Angel Eyael

Guardian Angel Eyael, the patron of sublimation. Firstly, the meaning of his name is God The Pleasure Of Children Of Man. In the Jewish culture, he belongs to the choir of angels called Cherubims. Archangel Gabriel rules this choir of angels. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Eyael is one of the angels.

Guardian Angel EyaelGuardian Angel Eyael

Guardian Angel Eyael is the angel of transformation to the sublime. He is the angel of change, mixture and exchange. Eyael represents transubstantiation, transformation, metamorphosis and transfer. He is also linked to understanding. Guardian Angel Eyael can help us to understand the Universal History and also the origin of the genesis. This amazing angel can help us to understand the Law of resonance, the Law of attraction. He can help you to deeply understand that we attract what and who we are. Eyael is the patron of advanced knowledge such as chemistry, biology and physics. But also of the study of the DNA, the cells, atoms and every fundamental structures that builds the life on Earth. Eyael is the bringer of divine joy.

Angel Of Sublimation

Guardian Angel Eyael is the protector of those who were born between February 20 and February 24. If you were born in this period, then your personality is influenced by Guardian Angel Eyael. You love studies and research of higher knowledge and science. Also, you love to study esoteric sciences also such as mysticism, religion and philosophy. You understand and use the power of transformation. Therefore, transforming your dreams and ideals into achievements is an easy project for you.

The presence of your guardian angel in your life fills you with pure joy. You are a very happy person, who loves to show his affection. The first priority for you is your own family. Loving to help others, you will always try to assist others in reaching their goals. You have a very happy life with many goals achieved. And you can continue your path with confidence having the protector wings of Eyael on your shoulders.

In case that you were not born under the influence of Guardian Angel Eyael, you can still pray for his assistance. He will guide you through periods of change and transformation in your life, filling you with joy and happiness.

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