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Guardian Angel Elemiah

Guardian Angel Elemiah

Guardian Angel Elemiah is the angel of Divine Power. The meaning of his name is The hidden God. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Elemieh belongs to the Chajoth Ha Qadesh choir of angels, lead of Metatron. In the Christian culture, Elemeiah is one of the Seraphims.

Guardian Angel Elemiah

Guardian Angel Elemiah

Elemiah is the angel of Divine Power and Authority. He seeks and delivers fair and just in this world. Elemiah helps us find new perspectives to solve a problem. He allows us to see new paths that we can follow in our life. Elemiah is the angel who can guide us out of difficult periods of our life. He fills us with optimism and the knowledge that everything will be alright. This angel can help us find the people in our lives who betrayed us. We need to make peace with them, so we don’t create karma in this life we live.

Guardian Angel Elemiah is important for the creation of Destiny. Pray for him if you have questions about your destiny. He can reveal the life plans you have chosen yourself before you were reborn on Earth.


Elemiah is the guardian angel of those who were born between April 05 and April 09. If you are born in this period of the year, then this angel influences your life and guides it. This influence can be noticed by checking your personality. You are full of potential and you love to discover it. You tend to try to open other people’s minds and fill them with new ideas. Angel Elemiah influences you to help others. Also, you have a big healing potential, you should try a healing method to help others. You love to solve projects, but just one project is not enough for you. Working at more project at the same time is your way to work. Your intuition will guide you to seek the answers to your question inside of you, not from an external guidance.

If you are not born in the guiding period of Elemiah, you can still enjoy his protection by inviting him into your life. Pray to your Guardian Angel Elemiah and let him help you deal with your destiny and karma.

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