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Guardian Angel Chavakiah

Guardian Angel Chavakiah

Guardian Angel Chavakiah is the angel of reconciliation. The meaning of his name is The God Of Joy. In the Jewish culture he is one of the Seraphims. They are ruled by Archangel Kamael. Also, in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Chavakiah belongs to the Virtues. Ruled by Archangel Haniel.

Guardian Angel Chavakiah

Guardian Angel Chavakiah

Chavakiah is the patron angel of reconciliation. He helps us to have harmonious relationships with our siblings. Guardian Angel Chavakiah brings truth, help and support into our family. He is the patron of those who love peace, mediators and peacemakers. He helps us to get rewarded for our loyalty and appreciated for our services. Also, Guardian Angel Chavakiah is the biggest protector of a family. He brings awareness and sacredness in our family bonds. He can help us to bring out ancestral Wisdom from the past. Chavakiah has the ability to bring people closer and to re-establish connections. He is also known as the bringer of inheritance. He can help you to share your possessions with your loved ones or to make donations.

Angel Of Reconciliation

Guardian Angel Chavakiah is the protector of those who were born between September 13 and September 17. If you were born in this period, then you and your personality are influenced by this amazing angel. You are a born peacemaker. Therefore, you love to live in peace. You are thoughtful with welfare. The reconciliation of others is an easy process that you do with pleasure. You are a person with high morals. You tend to suppress your feelings in trying to help others. The presence of your Guardian Angel Chavakiah in your life influences you to pay attention to the details. You are very friendly, kind and pleasant person. Using force to make yourself understood is something that you never do. You hate scandals and really hate to be part of them. You are physically attractive. But finding your soulmate is not important for you.

Even if you were not born under the influence of Guardian Angel Chavakiah, you can still pray for his help. He will bring peace into your family. He brings truth and loyalty. Also, he can help you to reconnect with old friends or siblings you didn’t talk to for a long time.

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