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Guardian Angel Caliel

Guardian Angel Caliel

Guardian Angel Caliel is the angel of the Absolute Truth and Justice. Firstly, the meaning of his name is The Invocable God. He belongs to the Aralims, ruled by Zadkiel, in the Jewish culture. Also, in the christian culture, Guardian Angel Caliel belongs to the choir of Thrones.

Guardian Angel Caliel

Guardian Angel Caliel

Caliel is the defender of the Absolute Truth. He fights for the Justice and Laws of The Divine. Angel Caliel proves one’s innocence. He helps us understand the good and evil in this material world and beyond. He defends and reveals us what is right. Caliel also teaches us integrity and how to love and respect the Justice of God. He helps us to discover the truth from the upper states of being. He allows us to discover how to elevate and become a better person. Angel Caliel is the patron of judges, lawyers and notaries. He helps us understand our karma and deal with it.

Absolute Truth and Justice

Caliel is the guardian angel of those who were born between June 16 and June 21. If you are born in this period, than the angel of justice is your protector. You attract other people due to your intelligent and charismatic personality. Also, you can see through others’ good or bad intentions. You love the simple things. Therefore, you tend to simplify things by their details. Your guardian angel endows you with great patience and perseverance in everything you do. Difficult situations are made to be analyzed calmly for you. You love justice, you will never become corrupted or breaker of the law. Caliel fills you with sense of truth and integrity. When you believe in something, you can’t be stopped. This is why you are able to make miracles. Your connection to your guardian angel and your patience and will will help you to become a light worker.

Guardian Angel Caliel can bring justice and the sense of the absolute truth into your life. Even if you are not born under his guidance. A pray for Caliel can bring him into your life. Enjoy his teachings about the truth and your karma.

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