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Guardian Angel Asaliah

Guardian Angel Asaliah

Guardian Angel Asaliah is the angel of contemplation. The meaning of this angel’s name is God Who Is Just Judge. He belongs to the choir of angels called Malachims, in the Jewish culture. They are ruled by Archangel Michael. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Asaliah is one of the Powers. This choir of angels is ruled by Raphael the archangel.

Guardian Angel Asaliah

Guardian Angel Asaliah

Asaliah is the angel of contemplation. He takes our prayers to the divine. Helps us to understand the importance of the glorification of God. Guardian Angel Asaliah helps us to contemplate from a higher viewpoint. He shows us the truth hiding in small everyday things. Asaliah reveals us all the cosmic processes and their importance. He helps us to reach high spiritual levels. He brings a big interest for the esoteric in our lives.

Guardian Angel Asaliah is the protector of strategists, geniuses, people who have a creative and planning talent. He helps us to concentrate and keep our focus by using mantras in our meditation. Asaliah fills us with high values, morals, respect, loyalty and fidelity. He brings us the ability to reach higher parallel worlds. In these amazing worlds we can connect with deceased people or other spiritual creatures.

Angel Of Contemplation

Guardian Angel Asaliah is the protector of those who were born between November 13 and November 17. If you were born in this amazing period, than your life is influenced by the angel of contemplation. Your purpose in this world is to build angelic plans and to help the celestial world. You are a sweet and tender person. Therefore, you make friends very easily due to your pleasant character. You are usually in the center of attention because of your powerful charisma.

The presence of your Guardian Angel Asaliah in your life brings dynamism. You know how to appreciate every second of your life. And you live your life to the fullest. You are not afraid to go beyond your own forces. You are always ready to act. The aura that surrounds your body is full of wisdom. Even when you face situations that are not good, you have the power to continue. Due to your stubborn character, there is no situation you can’t face. You hate confusion. You are very proud of everything you have realized in your life. But you are not snobbish about it.

In case you were not born under the influence of Guardian Angel Asaliah, he can still guide you. Pray for him to teach you to contemplate the right way. Let him take you closer to God and the spiritual world.

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