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Guardian Angel Ariel

Guardian Angel Ariel

Guardian Angel Ariel is known as the revealer or perceiver. Firstly, the meaning of his name is The Revealing God. In the Jewish culture, he is one of the Malachims. This choir of angels is ruled by Michael. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Ariel belongs to the Powers. Ruled by Raphael.

Guardian Angel Ariel

Guardian Angel Ariel

Ariel is the angel of revelatory perceptions. Just like Angel SabrealArchangel Ariel enhances our psychic abilities, clairvoyance, clair-audience and clair-sentience. He helps us to discover the nature’s secrets and other hidden treasures waiting for us. And he brings us revelations in our meditative sessions and dreams. He also fills our life with signs. Also, Guardian Angel Ariel fills us with gratitude and acknowledgment and discretion. Ariel helps us to get new ideas and inventions. He brings us knowledge about the spiritual world that will change our life. This amazing angel is the one who helps us to thank the divine every blessing and gift.


Guardian Angel Ariel is the guardian angel of those who were born between November 08 and November 12. If you were born in this period, than your life is influenced by the angel of revelations. You are full of good ideas. You have a very strong spirit. Decision making is a very easy task for you. Solving problems or difficult situations does not acquire huge efforts. You are always making decisions at the right time. You will always be attracted by the spiritual and occult.

Meditation will be sacred for you, a way to discover mysteries. You will try to discover the secrets of the nature and the spiritual world by using science. You will use equipment and technology to measure frequencies of entities. Your Guardian Angel Ariel will help you in your work by bounding you with other celestial beings. You love to help others who are searching for something. Older people will always by respected by you due to their wisdom. You have the astral crown of gold intellectual light. Your purpose in life is to teach others how important is for us to live in harmony with the divine.

In case you were not born under the influence of Guardian Angel Ariel, he can still help you. Pray for his help when you are in search of the secrets of the spiritual world. He fills you with gratitude for everything the divine has done for you.

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