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Guardian Angel Aniel

Guardian Angel Aniel

Guardian Angel Aniel is the angel of breaking old patterns. Firstly, the meaning of his name is The God Of All Virtues. In the Jewish culture, he is one of the Seraphims. Being ruled by Kamael the archangel. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Aniel is one of the Virtues. Being ruled by Archangel Haniel.

Guardian Angel Aniel

Guardian Angel Aniel

Aniel is the breaker of old patterns. Therefore, he helps us to understand the cycles of life. He teaches us the importance of evolution. Guardian Angel Aniel helps us understand the Law of Karma and its importance in our lives. He helps us to see that we attract who we are. We will realize that we reap what we sow. Aniel can fill us with new ideas. He can help us to change our mentality. He can help us to purify negative memories. These memories can be related to sexuality, addictions or any kind of emotional dependency. Guardian Angel Aniel liberates us from negative emotions. And he helps us to get purified from negative forces. He encourages novelty and helps us to develop our independent will. Angel Aniel can help us to discover new conceptions about The Universe.

Breaking Old Patterns

Guardian Angel Aniel is the protector of those who were born between September 24 and September 28. If you were born in this period, then your character and your life is influenced by this beautiful angel. Therefore, you are always in good mood. And it is very easy for you to transmit that great mood to others. Everyone around you is filled with and amazed by your enthusiasm. You are a very courageous person. New experiences, events and ideas are not a problem for you. As you are not afraid of these new things, you tend to come up with revolutionary ideas. The presence of your Guardian Angel Aniel in your life inspires you to meditate and pray a lot. Also, you are a very lucky person. Competitions are ending with winning for you. You are a fighter for a better world and children welfare.

If you were not born in the influential period of Guardian Angel Aniel, he can still guide you. Therefore, pray for his help to change your mentality. He is going to fill you with new ideas. He fills you with spiritual autonomy.

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