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Guardian Angel Anauel

Guardian Angel Anauel

Guardian Angel Anauel is the angel of unity. Firstly, the meaning of his name is The Gentle God. In the Jewish culture, he is one of the Beni Elohims, ruled by Archangel Ariel. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Anauel belongs to the Archangels. Being ruled by Archagel Michael.

guardian angel anauel 2 (1)Guardian Angel Anauel

Anauel is the angel of perception of unity. He is often linked to money and exchange. Guardian Angel Anauel brings unity by easing the communication between you and other people and by creating successful relationships. He brings you the initiative you need for a successful business or enterprise. Anauel increases your practical intelligence, global vision and logic. Being linked to money, this amazing angel has also the ability to teach you to materialize your dreams in a responsible manner, without hurting others. Guardian Angel Anauel is patron of administrators, planners and coordinators. He can help you to become a great leader who inspires others. When the angel of unity is in your life, you are filled with altruism and sense of organization.

Angel Of Unity

Guardian Angel Anauel is the protector of those who were born between January 31 and February 04. If you were born in this period, then you are influenced by the angel of unity. You are a very intuitive person who loves to work. You understand the earth and the heaven and you know how to live between these two worlds. The presence of your Angel Anauel in your life will influence you to start a spiritual or occult practice. In many of your incarnations, you tried to use these practices for the good of others.

You have a huge thirst for knowledge. You study all your life. And you love reading. For you, change is not something to be afraid of. The process of adaptation to a new place or situation is easy and quick in your world. You have a very good immune system. But if it happens to you to get ill, you already know how to cure yourself. Your purpose in your life is to help others and spread the huge amount of goodness that hides in your heart.

Even if you were not born in the influential period of Guardian Angel Anauel, you can pray for his help anytime. He can help you with your relationship issues by bringing unity. He will help you to communicate properly and with ease.

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