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The Best Tips For Green Traveling

The Best Tips For Green Traveling

We all like to travel. And the more exotic or remote the destination, the better. But take into consideration green traveling. It deals with the way in which your carbon footprint can be reduced, to minimize the effect our travels have on the environment. It also helps to better the relationship between social and economic viability.

Green traveling encompasses of series of very achievable and easy to implement actions. Their aim is to make you more mindful to the effects that our actions have on the environment.

The Best Tips For Green Traveling:

Pack light. Not only do the planes with heavier loads need to use more fuel, but you will also have a hard time in maneuvering you luggage around. Pack only the essential. Make up a list of all the important items that you need. And if you do discover that something is missing, you can buy it from there.

The Best Tips For Green TravelingTurn off – and unplug! – lights and electronics. There is no need for them to be on while you’re not even there. You will probably spend most of your time outside, so where’s the harm? There will be more harm in leaving them turned on for nothing. You may not need to worry about the electric bill, but you need to worry about the effects.

Green Traveling

Use the most direct route possible. The take offs and landings of the planes usually require the most fuel and give out the most carbon emissions. Ask your airline company about their environmental protection practices.

Use the public transportation. As much as possible. You can get by train or by bus anywhere you need. Choose to go by bike or by foot. Enjoy the sun warmth, you will exercise and experience firsthand the culture and the people. What could be better than that?

Hike only on marked trails. There’s a reason why they were marked. Be aware of any dangers, be mindful of your littering and how and where you light fires. While you’re still there, you can also plant a tree – for an even more efficient way of decreasing carbon emissions.

Buy and eat local. It is one of the greatest things of green traveling. You get to enjoy fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Not only you will be sure that you will eat healthy, but you will also support local community. Opt for more simple, rustic restaurants – where you can be sure that you will taste all the goodies – than the fancy ones.

While green traveling, keep in mind that you get to experience the same things as you did before. Only you reduce you carbon footprint and help the environment to recover. Don’t forget to have fun and soak up all the sun!


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