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Green Tea with Milk

Green Tea with Milk

Do you like to drink your green tea with milk? Because if you do, then you might want to stop. Doing this can prevent you from getting the benefits that you expect. Those green tea lattes may taste amazing but in the end they are just another sugary drink. They do not contain any of the benefits of green tea. Therefore, if you drink green tea for health benefits, stop adding milk to it.

Both green tea and milk are amazing when you consume them separately. They both promote weight loss, calorie burning and the oxidation of fat. Unfortunately, they are not as wonderful when you mix them. The proteins in milk inhibit the positive effects of green tea. If you want to slim down or keep in shape, then we inform you that you won’t achieve this by mixing green tea with milk.

Green Tea with MilkGreen Tea with Milk

Casein is a protein that you can find in milk. This forms complexes along with the flavanols in tea. When they bind, the amount of antioxidants in them are reduced considerably. Through this process, the antioxidants become unavailable. This means that you get less health benefits from the green tea. We still need more research on this issue. However, there are chances that you might even reduce the benefits of tea by putting milk in it.

Again, if you drink this tea for health, it is better to drink it straight. Do not add any milk or sugar in it. This will preserve the benefits. If you only like green tea with milk, then no one can stop you from drinking it. Just know that you won’t gain much from it. In the end, it’s still better than not drinking green tea at all.

All in all, green tea is an amazing beverage that is full of antioxidants and other healthy components. We definitely advise you to drink more of it. Without any sugar or milk in it. Know your tea and drink it correctly in order to reap its benefits to their full extent.

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