Ginger Tea For Cold And Cough

Ginger Tea For Cold And Cough

Ginger Tea For Cold And Cough – Catching a cold is normal, but many people struggle to get better. Many people get well only with the help of medication. But there are many natural ways to help your body heal. When you are using natural remedies, they have no side effects upon your body. Also, many people choose to use Ginger Tea For Cold And Cough. Ginger is a great and delicious ingredient for a healthy and healing tea.

Ginger Tea For Cold And Cough – The Benefits

Ginger Tea For Cold And Cough

Ginger root is a natural antiviral. It allows your body to fight the bacteria and viruses causing cold. It is also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it cleanses your lungs and throat and reduces the inflammation on those areas. Ginger root improves your immune system, allowing you to fight cold much easier. The compounds of this plant have decongestant and antihistamine properties. Which ease the symptoms such as runny nose and full sinuses. Ginger root is the best ally in fighting rhinoviruses. Due to its compounds called sesquiterpenes, ginger root tea fights rhinoviruses specifically. Ginger tea stimulates perspiration. Therefore, it stimulates the elimination of toxins. And it also reduces pain and fever.

Ginger Tea For Cold And Cough – Recipe

You will need only two things, ginger and water. Cut approximately 10 gr of ginger root into thin slices. Meanwhile put a cup of water on the heat. When the water starts to boil, add the ginger slices. Let it boil 5-10 minutes. Then strain your tea. If you want a more delicious tea, you can add a little honey and a few slices of lemon. They are also very helpful in fighting the common cold and cough.

Use Ginger Tea For Cold And Cough instead of medication. It is very healthy and 100% natural. Ginger tea has no side effects. And for better results, drink 3-4 cups of ginger tea a day. Emjoy its delicious taste and healthy benefits.

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