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Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Per Week

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Per Week

After getting gastric sleeve surgery, every patient want to know how much weight they will lose. The answer depends for every patient. However, there are some simple ways to calculate the expected weight loss. It is important to have proper expectation after undergoing such a sugery. Assuming that you are following the proper post-operatory guidelines, the results should start showing themselves. Therefore, what is the gastric sleeve weight loss per week?

The amount of weight you lose depends largely on a number of factors. They often include: exercising, lifestyle, metabolism and your commitment to change. In addition to this, the size of the sleeve can also make a huge difference in the weight loss process.

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Per Weekgastric sleeve weight loss per week

Let us start from the assumption that you are taking the right steps. You managed to change your diet and create new, healthy habits. You also exercise on a regular basis. People with gastric sleeve surgery manage to lose 60% of their excess weight, on average. This includes both people that follow the guideline and those that do not. If you respect all of the guideline and replace all of your bad habits, you can lose even more than that.

Before we state numbers, let us calculate the average weight loss after such an operation. People have different weights and different heights, therefore their body mass index will also differ. For this reason, someone who is 6ft and has 400 lbs will lose a different amount of weight that a 4ft person. However, when we talk percentages, the numbers are the same.

Always remember that the 60% is the average amount. There are people who can lose more and people that lose less. Ultimately, the success of the gastric sleeve surgery comes from you setting the proper goals. We cannot say for sure what is the gastric sleeve weight loss per week. You just need to set a weight goal for yourself and work towards achieving it.

Do not get upset if your number is lower than you expected. It is difficult to go from 250 lbs to 120 lbs just from surgery alone. Once you drop some weight, you can take up exercising and continue enjoying life.

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