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Foods to Avoid

Foods to Avoid

Hectic lives consequently lead to hectic food choices. And although processed foods are more accessible and readily available, there are definite foods to avoid.

All the poor dietary choices only increase the risk of heart diseases, excessive weight gain and other obesity related diseases. That’s why it’s best if you gave some careful consideration to your dietary choices.

It’s not about being on a strict diet and not eating this and that. It’s about paying attention to what you put in your body. This will not only determine your health for years to come, but also your self-image and confidence.

Here are some of the most dangerous foods to avoid:

Margarine. Full of trans fats that occur when vegetable oil-based products are solidified, margarine is not that healthy of a choice. The trans fats only favor clogging of the arteries and restrict the blood flow to the heart. By inhibiting the vital proteins that are responsible for cell renewal, they contribute to heart diseases and heart attacks.

Processed meats. Although they might seem healthy, they should be on your list of foods to avoid. They are filled with nitrates, salt, and other preservatives. These contribute to heart diseasefoods-to-avoids through increased blood pressure, clogging of the arteries, cancer and premature death.

Foods to Avoid

Soft drinks/Soda. Tasty and delicious, but potentially deadly, soda is the preferred beverage after water. But it is also filled with sugar and other harmful chemicals. The excess sugar only contributes to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. And the thing about them is that they leave you craving your more! Cut down on your soda consumption and consider removing it altogether from your diet.

Artificial sweeteners. Though they might seem like a good replacement for sugar, they are not. Studies have linked them with increased risk of diabetes and raising sugar levels. The reasoning behind the studies is that the body cannot properly digest artificial sugar, so that it gets stored in the intestine and alters the processes. In turn, this determines weight gain and prevents sugar breakdown.

Deep-fried foods. Eating fat-filled foods on a regular basis will only cause spikes in your cholesterol levels and clog your arteries. They are also rich in carbohydrates that will contribute to weight gain and potentially deadly diseases.

White bread. Made from white flour that is stripped of nutrients, white bread is only starch. Starch gets easily digested so you will feel hungry soon after eating. To the list of foods to avoid, add white bread. It only favors increases of blood sugar and weight gain.

These are just a few dangerous foods to avoid. Stripped of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, they will offer you a false sensation of satiety. They will also flood your body with chemicals and preservatives that after some years will wreak havoc. From clogged arteries, increased blood pressure to high cholesterol levels and diabetes, these foods to avoid go on the black list!


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