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Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can have its perks, but also its limitations. Thus, some foods are off-limits and some cravings should be avoided over the next nine months.

In order to keep your growing baby healthy and eliminate risks, you will need to steer clear of some foods. They present potential hazards and could prove to be harmful for your little one.

Here are some foods to avoid during pregnancy:

Cold cuts and hot dogs. The primary concern with processed meat is nitrate. By inhibiting bacteria growth, this preservative makes your more prone to contract listeria. That, because during pregnancy significant hormonal and immune system changes take place.

Raw eggs, fish and meat. Putting pregnancyyou at risk for toxoplasmosis or salmonella, anything raw should be avoided during this period. That, if you want to steer clear from complications in new-borns and infants. Pay attention and try to refrain yourself from consuming them.

Alcohol. As tempting as it might be, alcohol should be eliminated from your diet altogether. It has been associated with triggering birth defects and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Even moderate to low intakes of alcohol still have a negative impact.

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Soft or mild-ripened cheeses. Although you don’t have to eliminate all dairy products from your diet, some will have to go. You will have to take a break from brie, chevre or blue cheeses. Furthermore, eliminate unpasteurized products such as raw milk or apple cider.

Caffeinated drinks. Research has linked excessive amounts of caffeine with low birth weight and increased risk of miscarriage. If you are a coffee lover, look for freshly ground coffee made from good-quality beans. In moderation, coffee could offer you benefits through its antioxidants.

If you avoid these foods during pregnancy you will eliminate the risk of bacteria and developing more serious conditions and complications. You will put yourself out of the harm’s way and ensure that your baby’s health will be in top shape. Even if you don’t know all the rules of the game, don’t worry. You will, eventually. No one goes into motherhood prepared for all that it implies. Allow yourself time to process the information and become more educated on the subject.


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