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Fixed Mindset

Fixed Mindset

In any situation, there are always two opposing forces. Good and bad. Black and white. Up and down. Right and left. The same thing happens with our mindsets, as well. We have those who believe in a fixed mindset and those who believe in a growth mindset.

A fixed mindset is one of the most common and most harmful attitude that you can adopt. In understanding how your mind works it’s important to acknowledge that it continually grows and expands. So a fixed mindset couldn’t or shouldn’t possibly exist.

This type of mindset only creates unnecessary limitations and enforce in people the belief that basic qualities are simply fixed traits. People who believe in this type of mindset usually spend more time documenting their talent and intelligence, rather than working to develop them. They are strong believers that only talent alone creates success. Without taking into consideration effort, passion and dedication, they head on a slippery slope.

Just because you have discovered 5 things that you are not good at, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find another 100 that you are.

Our uniqueness allows us to explore our talents and passions relentlessly. If you quit while you have barely started, you probably won’t achieve much.

Every professional and skilled person has started as a beginner. He had a plan in mind and a right attitude. He succeeded because he didn’t give up. It’s only because he didn’t listen to other people’s unfounded opinions that he found ways to move forward. He gathered the strength and courage that he needed in order to achieve his dreams.

A fixed mindset also postulates that you are either naturally great at something or fixed-mindsetyou will never be great. But in thinking that, you miss out on the process and the entire purpose of your journey.

The following are common beliefs of this mindset:

You will probably want to hide your flaws. That way you will not be judged or labeled negatively if you fail.

Stick to what you know. That way you will be able to keep up your confidence, or lack thereof.

Look inside to find your true passion and purpose. That way you will protect the things that hide deep within you.

Failure is inherent. If you try something that you are not particularly good at and fail, failure will define you.

Everything should come naturally. Whether it’s personal or professional relationships, if you’re compatible with someone, everything should fall into place.

It’s all about the outcome. The process is irrelevant, seeing that you are either set to succeed or fail. If you do fail, all your efforts would have been in vain and wasted.

So you see? These common conceptions of a fixed mindset could irreparably damage your life and its quality. In setting yourself onto the path of life with an obtuse mindset, you will miss out on a lot of things. Life is rarely about the destination, and rather about the journey. You never know where the road might take you. And that’s the beauty of it: its beauty resides in the unknown. It’s normal to not know everything. To not have all the answers. They will come to you at the right time if you have the courage to follow your heart and open your mind.


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