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Fenugreek Benefits for Hair Growth

Fenugreek Benefits for Hair Growth

Just how we have to take care of our health and of our skin, our hair also need some special attention. Our hair is an important part of us that needs proper care too. Fenugreek is an Indian spice that helps with treating a wide range of hair problems. From hair loss to dryness and split ends, fenugreek is the solution. This is why today we are talking about fenugreek benefits for hair growth.

Fenugreek Benefits for Hair GrowthYou do not even need to turn to expensive shampoos and other products. With only the aid of these miraculous seeds you can do an at-home treatment. Fenugreek seeds are an effective natural remedy that can do wonders for your hair. Take some time out of your busy schedule to pamper and care for your hair. It will definitely thank you.

Fenugreek Benefits for Hair Growth

For hair loss. Take two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and throw them into the mixer. Grind them into a fine powder and then add it in a bowl. Mix it with one tablespoon of coconut or olive oil. Take the paste and then apply it to your scalp. You can also spread it on your hair strands for a more thorough repair. After 15 minutes you can rinse it off.

For dandruff. Repeat the same process with the mixer and transform the seeds into a fine powder. Combine them with two tablespoons of lemon juice and make a paste. Apply it on your scalp and leave it on for 15 minutes. Lemon has astringent properties that kill bacteria and removes dry skin. This is an old trick for treating dandruff.

For voluminous hair. This is another one of the fenugreek benefits of hair growth. Make another paste from the fenugreek powder and coconut milk. Rub the mixture onto your scalp and wait for half an hour. Rinse and condition your hair and voila! Instant volume.

All in all, taking care of your hair is essential if you want it to grow long and healthy. Also, the fenugreek benefits for hair growth will also help you out.

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