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Elemiah Angel of Divine Power

Elemiah Angel of Divine Power

Firstly, Elemiah Angel of Divine Power is the 4th name of God. The Bible scripture according to Elemiah is: “Return, O Lord, deliver my soul: oh save me for thy mercies’ sake”. Elemiah’s name means The Hidden or Concealed God (Deus Absconditus, in Latin). So, he is a seraphim and he own a huge divine power.

Elemiah Angel of Divine Power

Elemiah Angel of Divine Power

Elemiah’s best quality is his fair and impartial authority. So, he is amazing in rectification and discovering a new path. Elemiah Angel of Divine Power will help you when you can’t make a decision. Because he allows us the force that helps us act. Also, Guardian Angel Elemiah is participating in the creation of Destiny. He will guide you when you study. And he will give you revelations when you try to find your life-purpose. Therefore, he helps people who try to discover their professional orientations too. Elemiah has tons of optimism to share with you, though. And helps you to end difficult periods in your life. Elemiah allows us to identify the people in our lives who betrayed us. So we can make peace with them, without creating a karma.

Elemiah is the best guide against diabolic power, inertia and destructive tendencies. He can help us through failure, setbacks and periods of destruction. Ask for her help in case of pessimism, turmoil, dangerous discoveries. Seraphim Elemiah is the best guide in case of betrayal and existence of inner traitors. You can ask for his help in case you meet avidity and abuse of power. By the way, he has the power to decrease the domination by others. Ask for his help anytime you are exhausted and stretched to the limit. Elemiah Angel of Divine Power can help in situations of superiority or inferiority as well. Other situations that can be solved by him are: reparation, repair, authoritarianism and bossiness.

Guardian Angel

Elemiah Angel of Divine Power is the protector of those born between April 5 and April 9. Those people who were born under this angel’s influence have divine potential. And they will discover that potential at a very early age. They love to open others’ minds with ideas and new proposals. Also, they are often envied by others for their good fortune. They love to help people, though. And they have a big potential to become healers. These people usually work on several projects at the same time.

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