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Does Crash Diet Work?

Does Crash Diet Work?

Does Crash Diet Work? – The crash diet involves drastically changing your eating habits and cutting down completely the fruit, vegetables and meat from you dietary plan. Although it promises fast weight loss, it may not be that good for your health. Its side effects include nutritional deficiencies in the short-term. Also, weight gain on the long-term, as well as moodiness, depression and intense irritability. Opinions and supporters are divided: for some it has proven to be effective. Others, when they started eating normally again, got back to square one.

Does Crash Diet Work

Does Crash Diet Work?

The crash diet proposes to reduce the amount of daily calorie intake to as low as 700 calories a day. Many argue that the diet is restrictive and it definitely shouldn’t be a long term diet.

Before making the decision of sticking to such a strict diet, closely analyze the impact that it may have on your body. Take into consideration all the factors and stick to your decision.

A balanced diet includes fruit and vegetables, breads, potatoes, milk and dairy foods, meat and fish. I have personally never been a fan of extreme dieting, but if that’s your cup of tea, go for it! You can still boost your metabolism and lose weight. Start by eating reasonable portions and cutting down on processed foods, sugar and fats.

However, if your goal is to lose considerable weight in a short period of time, you can opt for a crash diet. Just be careful on what you eat afterwards. Its aim might be to limit the calorie intake, as well as burning fat. But much of the weight you will lose will be fluid, and may come back much faster than expected.

Does Crash Diet Work?

The most famous crash diets include the cabbage soup diet, the chicken soup diet or the juice fast diet. Their effects have been popularized by the media and famous people, but they have only short-term effects if you don’t stick to a healthy lifestyle and meal choices.

Does Crash Diet Work? – Bottom line is this: if you do choose to try a crash diet, make sure that it isn’t dangerous and that its outcome won’t affect your health. Try it for some days to see how you feel, and if, at any point, you feel unwell, stop what you’re doing and give up the diet.

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