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Doctor Cohen Weight Loss

The Doctor Cohen Weight Loss

The Doctor Cohen Weight Loss refers to a diet plan developed by Dr Cohen while he was working with patients suffering from infertility. After prolonged studies, he found a correlation between loss weight and increased fertility. Since then, he developed a weight loss program in order to help patients around the globe. The program is designed to promote rapid weight loss and it’s tailored based on each individual’s needs.

The most important factor of this diet is the initial lab work. The plan first needed some dietary guidelines. In addition to the tests that the patient must undergo, the diet plan is about 249$ for 12 weeks. However, the patients can use the local facilities for bloodwork and other tests.

The Doctor Cohen Weight LossDoctor Cohen Weight Loss

Each diet plan is tailored for each individual patient. Therefore, there are no two identical plans. After they evaluate the lab test, you receive a list of food that you must eat. There is no calorie counting, but the food choices are somehow restricted. Many individuals might find it difficult to follow it in the beginning.

The Doctor Cohen Weight Loss Plan utilizes the method of caloric restriction. There are many testimonials of rapid weight loss by people who tried the plan. However, there is not much science to support the claim that the lab tests are linked to weight loss.

Bottom line: does it work? Is Dr. Cohen’s plan the next big thing in weight loss? It certainly has the potential to. However, the plan does not have any exercise included in it. This, paired with the lack of scientific evidence behind it does not justify the costs.

If it was this easy for dieters to lose weight, there would not be such a big market for diets. You might need to take dietary supplements along with this program. It is best to consult with your doctor before taking up this diet plan. He will recommend what is best for you.

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