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Divine Spark

Divine Spark – The Divine Light Within You

Divine Spark – it is also known as divine light. The Divine Spark is the little part of God that every human being has. It is a part of our spirit. The concept is mostly found in theologies such as Gnosticism, Kabbalah and Sufism. But references to this concept can also be found in The Bible.

The Divine Spark in The Bible

Divine Spark

There are important verses in The Holy Bible that suggest that is that divine light in every human soul. Firstly, Genesis 1:26 describes how God mage every human being in His image. But this refers to our souls, not our physical body.

God is pure light. And we have a portion of that pure light in our souls. Also in Genesis, when Adam was created, God asked all of his angels to put a little angel spark in the human body. But it didn’t move. Then God decided to put a portion of himself in the vessel. Then Adam woke up. And from his eyes radiated God’s glory. Which made even the angels fear him. This kind of makes me think of the saying that “The eyes are the mirror of the soul”.

Even Jesus Christ refers to the Divine Spark in The Bible. In Luke 17:21 Jesus says “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Therefore, God is the soul or spirit, not in the matter or material things.

Another definition of the Divine Spark can be Jesus Christ himself. Who is considered and avatar of the light. Who suffered for us, so we can be able to enter the kingdom of God.

Freeing the Divine Flame

In many theologies, the ultimate goal is to free the Divine Spark. Because it is trapped in the material vessel or physical body. This goal leaded to many Spiritual Enlightenment practices such as meditation and yoga. They have the same goal, to bring us closer to the Spiritual Growth and to detach us from the matter.

Many meditations lead to a deeply meditative states when you can feel the divine flame within you. In these divine states, you can even detach completely from your physical body and see the world from another perspective.

It is also very important to mention how can we take care of this divine flame. When you are too buried in the material world, your spirit or divine light gets weaker. But if you practice contemplation, read a few Bible verses, meditate or just help others, the spark turns into a flame. The key is kindness, love and compassion. These 3 qualities will help your Divine Spark to shine more than ever.

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