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Divine Healing

Divine Healing

Divine Healing is a concept used when a physical, emotional or spiritual healing takes place due to a supernatural act or force. For Christians, this supernatural force is God who heals through the Holy Spirit. For non-Christians this force is universal love, the divine, cosmic energy, prana or else.

divine healingDivine Healing

Divine healing in any religion has the necessity of a ritual. This ritual includes actions that result in demanding healing energy. When I refer to a “ritual” it can be a prayer, a meditation or yoga practice, contemplation or even an actual occult ritual or ceremony.

In this article I will talk more about the Divine Healing from a Christian point of view. In Christianity, The New Testament is full of the healing ministry of Jesus. On his way throughout Galilee, Jesus didn’t only teach in synagogues. But he also healed the sick. You can find out more about his journey in in Matthew 4:23. Then it is described that before he sent his twelve disciples, Jesus gave them the ability to heal. In the New Testament we find that the apostles continued to heal the sick even after the resurrection of Jesus.


Christians often ask for Divine Healing by reciting different healing verses from the Bible. But you can also find healing prayers. A few examples of healing verses are: Isaiah 41:10, Matthew 11:28, Philipians 4:19, Exodus 15:26, Psalm 107:19-21, Psalm 30:2 and many more. Reciting these verses from the Bible will bring healing energy from God.

Today, you can find Christian schools of healing. There you can learn how to find healing in God and Jesus Christ. The gift of healing is popular in Christianity and it comes directly from God, through the Holy Spirit. But Christians believe that the ultimate healing will be given to them in Heaven. They also believe that every healing (physical, emotional or spiritual) belongs to God. He holds the Divine Healing energy.

If you are in need of healing, if you bottle with sickness or disease, pray for God’s healing energy. Search for the healing verses I’ve mentioned above and let the healing light of the Holy spirit penetrate every cell of your body. Believe in God the “Lord Who Heals” (Exodus 15:26).

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