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Diabetes and Psoriasis

Diabetes and Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that makes scaly, dry and red patches appear on your skin. These occur on your knees, elbows and scalp, but they can also be on other parts of your body too. All of that dry and rough skin is a result of a buildup of dead skin cells. These red bumps blend into each other and form the scaly patches. Usually, they are worse in the areas where you get a lot of friction. They can even be painful or itchy. Recently, a study made a connection between diabetes and psoriasis. How do these two conditions influence each other?

A Danish study showed that more than 50.000 adults and children who have psoriasis also have a higher risk of developing diabetes. The more severe the psoriasis is, the more likely they were of developing type 2 diabetes. This seems worrying, and within good reason. The numbers are very high. What is at the core of this problem? How are diabetes and psoriasis related?

Diabetes and Psoriasis

Diabetes and PsoriasisIn another study, researchers compared a number of people who had psoriasis with some people that did not have it. The results were shocking. Apparently, those that did have psoriasis had two times the risk of getting diabetes than those without. The risk was even higher in the people that had psoriasis but no other risk factors, such as obesity. Both type 2 diabetes and psoriasis can increase inflammation in the body. Through inflammation, the levels of an insulin-like substance also grow. This is what links the two conditions together. In addition to this, psoriasis can cause insulin resistance, high blood pressure and even high cholesterol.

There is no cure for psoriasis, but you can keep it under control. The medication involves topical or oral injections, therapy and lifestyle changes. Your doctor can tell you what the proper treatment is, depending on the severity of the condition. All in all, there is a link between these two conditions that you should not ignore.

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