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Dandelion Root for Water Retention

Dandelion Root for Water Retention

The dandelion is a yellow flowering weed that is the number one nemesis of gardeners. However, this plant also has good things to offer you. Around Europe, people use dandelion root or leaves for lots of medical conditions. Today we are talking about dandelion root for water retention and how this plant can help you out.

Edema, also known as water retention, causes puffy arms, feet, legs and fingers. Edema often appears as a symptom of certain conditions or disorders. Fortunately, edema is not always serious. It can also happen due to prolonged standing, hot weather or eating too much salt. If it goes away within a day, then you probably do not need to go see a doctor.

Dandelion has been used for liver and kidney diseases as well as problems associated with the spleen. More modern uses include dandelion root for water retention. You can find dried root extract in lots of dietary supplements. You can also use the plant itself, either fresh or dry, to make tea.

Dandelion Root for Water RetentionDandelion Root for Water Retention

There are no actual studies or scientific evidence behind the claims that you can take dandelion root for water retention. However, it is an old home-remedy that many people claim it works. Dandelion has a high potassium content, which gives the plant diuretic properties. This means that it increases urination, helping to rid your body of toxins. If you want to give it a try, simple take 4-10 grams of dried dandelion root and steep in in hot water. Strain and then you can drink it.

Because this herb has diuretic properties, you should not take it along with other diuretic medication. Also, avoid dandelion if you have gall bladder problems or take anticoagulant medication.

All in all, following this treatment is simple enough and poses no side effects. By drinking a couple of cups of this tea, you should start seeing an improvement in your condition. Do not follow this cure for more than 2 to 3 days, however.

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