Crystals For Sleeping

5 Powerful Crystals For Sleeping

Crystals For Sleeping – the crystals store and emanate energy. And this is a fact. Also, many studies show that they are much more powerful than we might think. Crystals are used in healing and therapy for thousands of years. Our ancestors knew about and felt their energy.

Numerous crystals have the ability to calm the mind, relax and bring inner peace. Others remove the negative energy that keep us awake. Each crystal has its distinctive properties. Let’s see which 5 crystals should you put under your pillow for peaceful sleep.

Crystals For Sleeping

Crystals For Sleeping

Amethyst – if you read my other articles about crystals, you already know that I include this all-purpose stone in almost each of my lists. Amethyst is a very powerful healer. But it also works great in relaxing and calming. It heals mental and emotional issues. It also heals your anxiety and depression. Amethyst also relieves stress and allows you to have a relaxing sleep. It is also one of the best Crystals For Healing Depression.

Moonstone – the name of this stone already makes you think of night, the moon and sleeping. And this is not a wrong assumption. Because Moonstone works great in treating insomnia. This powerful crystal also removes your emotional tension, stress and fears. Allowing you to clear your mind and to fall fast asleep.

Lepidolite – as other lithium based crystals, Lepidolite is an amazing calming crystal. It also works great in cases of insomnia due to nightmares, night terrors or bad dreams. Lepidolite is recommended to those who are anxious and agitated before going to bed. It brings a deep inner calmness.

Smoky Quartz – this quartz crystal is the enemy of negative energy. This stone transforms the negative energy into positive one. It also works great in protection and grounding. If you wonder how a stone like Smoky Quartz can clean someone from negative energy, the answer is simple. This stone absorbs all the negativity and grounds into the earth. Then the force of nature and the earth transforms into positive energy. Smoky Quartz also transforms your nightmares into good dreams. You can also use a Rainbow Quartz Crystal.

Crystals For Sleeping

Clear Quartz – the quartz crystals are powerful, in any color they might be. This clear stone calms the chaotic mind. Therefore, it is recommended for you if you are overwhelmed by a turmoil of thoughts. This powerful stone clears your mind from all the thoughts. It also relieves stress. And takes away your worries and fears.

These 5 Crystals For Sleeping work great individually, but also together. Therefore, find out more about them, look at some pictures, and purchase the one that attracts you the most. You have to listen to your intuition when choosing a crystal.

These crystal work great as jewelry throughout the day. Or you might place them in different corners of your home / bedroom. Place them under your pillow or mattress. You can also place them on your chest or forehead.

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