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Cream Cheese Nutrition Facts

5 Cream Cheese Nutrition Facts

Philadelphia cream cheese is a product manufactured by Kraft Foods. They use local milk and cream to keep the product as fresh and natural as possible. However, if you prefer something more high-fat, then you will add lots more calories to your dish. If you want to mind your diet, here are some cream cheese nutrition facts to know:

Regular Variety. From the regular varieties, you will get way more calories than from your regular cream cheese. One tablespoon of this has 50 calories, and out of that amount, 45 come from the 5 grams of fat. The rest are proteins and carbohydrates.

Whipped. People think that the whipped variety is actually lower in calories. This is not the case; it’s only lighter and fluffier, therefore you don’t need to use much. A tablespoon of this serving gives you 34 calories. You also get 3.4 grams of fat, which is an appropriate amount, we’d say. You also get some proteins and carbs too.

5 Cream Cheese Nutrition FactsCream Cheese Nutrition Facts

Low-Fat Option.  If you opt for the low-fat variety, then you will get 30 calories per tablespoon. For this type of cheese, the fat content goes down and the proteins and carbs go up. The 20 of the total calories come from the 2.3 grams of fat.

Health Considerations.  Saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for your blood cholesterol, because they stiffen up your arteries. This increases the risk of you developing cardiovascular disease. Because of these dangers, dieticians state that you should not have more than 10% of your daily calories from saturated fat.

All fats usually have 9 calories per gram. This means that for a 2000 calorie diet you can get 22 grams of saturated fat in a day. If you are trying to watch your weight and your health, then limit your cholesterol intake to less than 300 milligrams daily.

All in all, these are the cream cheese nutrition facts you should know in regard to each type of cheese out there. Choose the right type for you and enjoy it without feeling guilty.

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