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Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid

Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid

You don’t have to be a cosmetic junkie to consume cosmetic ingredients. But the truth of the matter is that some you must avoid. Recent developments have caused consumers to become more aware of the cosmetic ingredients and their toxic effects.

Just as we pay attention to our food labels, we should pay attention to our cosmetics labels, as well. Just think of it this way: all the harmful chemicals are absorbed by your skin every day. In turn, they pass through your blood stream and in time, cause irreversible damage.

Here are some cosmetic ingredients to avoid:

Phtalates. Found in nail polish, perfumes and lotions, or hair sprays, this compound can be very dangerous. Meddling with your hormones and endocrine glands, they can cause premature puberty, reproductive and developmental disorders, as well as birth defects or insulin resistance.

Hydroquinone. Mainly used in creams, bleaches, moisturizers and cleansers, this substance is banned from most products. It inhibits the production of melanin in the skin, thus increasing the risk of skin cancer, by amplifying the harmful effect of UV rays.

Triclosan. Used acosmetic-ingredientss an antibacterial and preservative, triclosan is mainly found in soaps and hand sanitizers, as well as deodorants and antiperspirants. Regular use can increase the appearance of intestinal and skin bacteria. Long-term use can affect your immune system’s response and make you more susceptible to bacterial infections and diseases.

Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid

Formaldehyde. Commonly found in nail polish, lipsticks, shampoos and conditioners, as well as liquid baby soaps, this substance is directly linked to cancer occurrence. It also increases the risk of developing allergic reactions and targets especially the areas of your nose and upper part of the throat.

Fragrance. Appealing in scent, but toxic and rich in synthetic chemicals, fragrance is found in perfumes, deodorants, lotions and cosmetics. The chemicals which accumulate in your tissues, cause reproductive and developmental disorders, as well as allergic reactions.

Parabens. Found in sunscreens, shampoos, toothpastes, shaving gels and moisturizers, parabens are used as preservatives. Light symptoms of prolonged parabens used include itching, redness, or dermatitis. More serious health threats cause disruption of the endocrine system and even skin cancer.

Overall, these are just some of the cosmetic ingredients to avoid. The next time you go shopping, pay closer attention to the label. The sad truth is, that most of the cosmetic products that are on the market don’t even need FDA approval. And lot of the producing companies don’t even list all the ingredients that enter in a product’s composition. So, that’s why it would be best if you stayed away from these cosmetic ingredients and look for more natural alternatives.


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