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Common GMO Foods

Common GMO Foods

Common GMO foods might come as more or less of a surprise. Typically, if the crops are genetically modified, they are to have an increased resistance to pests or diseases. Additionally, this modification boosts nutrient value, improves size and taste. Sadly, they are cheaper to grow and manufacture and require less energy, or water to process. For these reasons, people avoid GMO foods in favor of organic, naturally grown ones.

Here are some of the most common GMO foods:

Soybeans. Naturally, soybeans offer plenty of health benefits. They are a healthy protein source for vegetarians, and pack vitamins and minerals. The GMO soybean crops are more resistant to herbicides. In turn, that makes them more likely to grow into maturity. For your safety, when choosing soybeans or soybean products look for the natural, not modified sort.

Corn. The GMO variety of corn is made so to be more resistant to certain pesticides. The substances that would normally kill the plant do nothing to harm it when it comes to GMO foods. Additionally, they can be modified to produce its own insecticide to keep away insects and toxins.

Tomatoes. Normally, tomatoes are relatively sensitive veggies. The genetically modified crops of tomatoes prevent the tomatoes from producing the substances that cause rot and degrade. Other causes of concern deal with the gegmo foodsnetically modification to make them antibiotic resistant.

Rice. Yet another problem when it comes to GMO foods  concerns rice. Scientists genetically modified rice crops to contain higher amounts of vitamin A. For this, scientists successfully implanted new genes into the rice crops.

Common GMO Foods

Yellow crookneck squash and zucchini. Firstly, the number of this GMO foods are relatively small, but they still can be found. Secondly, the modification protected the species against certain viruses. The bad thing about it is that you won’t be able to tell the difference and tell which is which.

Milk. A large part of the commercial milk raises questions. That, because dairy farmers inject the cattle growth hormones which increase milk production. Consequently, this modification, although it brings more milk to dairy farmers, it increases the likelihood of cancer in humans.

All in all, these are some of the common GMO foods. Avoiding them or looking for the non-GMO variety will help you maintain your health in good shape for longer periods of time. Learn to read the labels and steer clear from the foods and drinks that contain ingredients which you cannot pronounce, or sound not-natural altogether.

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