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Child Feeding Mistakes

Child Feeding Mistakes

Most of the parents are really stressed about how to feed their children properly. Every parent wants a healthy child. This is what makes them do some Child Feeding Mistakes. They don’t do it intentionally, but they can cause serious problems. These Child Feeding Mistakes must be avoided if you want a healthy child.

Child Feeding Mistakes

Child Feeding Mistakes

You feed your child anytime he/she feels hungry

When your child comes to you asking for food, you give him. It is not that bad at first, but then it will become worse. Your child will start to ask for snacks when he gets bored. He will need snacks while watching cartoons, while staying in the car, while learning for school, etc. This is bad because this way, your child will never learn what hunger is. Toddlers need to eat every 2-3 hours, the preschoolers every 3-4 hours and then every 4 hours. You have to plan the meals/day. As often as it is needed. If your child needs a snack, remind him when the next meal will be. If your child didn’t eat all his food, remind him how long he will wait for the next meal. This way he will learn what hunger is and how to properly, not by boredom.

You push veggies into your child

This is a Child Feeding Mistakes. This is why. Most of the children are highly sensitive to certain compounds in vegetables. By pushing the veggies onto your child, when he don’t need it, you will make him hate it. You have to introduce veggies gradually into your child’s diet. You can also “cheat” and introduce veggies into the diet of your children as raw dips or smoothies. But if your child eats fruits, his body knows how to get the nutrients it needs. S don’t stress if your child has no taste for veggies.

You “force” your child to eat more or less

It is a very common mistake. If your child is a little smaller than the average, you will try to make him it more. If your child is a little bigger, you will control the amount of food he eats (and even scare him with veggies). This is not ok. Your child knows how much he needs to eat at a meal. And sneaky methods as the dessert if he eats all the food from his plate, are also not helpful. Your child was born with a natural ability to control his nutritional intake. Controlling the amount of food he eats, will imbalance his instinct. And it makes him stop trusting his body. There is a great method that you should use for feeding. You are the one who decides what your child can eat and when. But let your child decide how much he needs to eat.

These are just a few common Child Feeding Mistakes. If you already are a parent or you will become one, be careful how you feed your children. Too much control ruins their health, but no control at all does the same.

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