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Cheap Gluten Free Foods

Cheap Gluten Free Foods

Some of us see the gluten free diet as a new lifestyle. But many people suffer from celiac disease. This disease makes foods with gluten to damage the small intestine and the intestinal tract. So there are people who are searching for Cheap Gluten Free Foods because they don’t have other choice. But there are people who need Cheap Gluten Free Foods in their diet to lose weight or to detox their digestive system.

Cheap Gluten Free Foods

Cheap Gluten Free Foods list

There are thousands of foods that are gluten free.

Fresh fruits and vegetables – Every fresh fruit and vegetable is free of gluten. And I think that I don’t have to insist in making a list. But you have to by them freshly or frozen. And cook them yourself. This way you can be sure that you will have no surprise.

Meats and fishes – They are tasty and free of gluten. But you have to by them fresh or frozen and cook them. Many of the meat in fast foods and restaurants have a coat of flour. It is usually white flour, which contains gluten. It will be healthier to cook it yourself in a little olive or coconut oil. It will be tastier and healthier.

Eggs and dairies – Eggs are full of protein and calcium. But dairies are a little problem. Many dairy products contain flour. Yes, they do, but don’t ask me why. So be careful reading the labels.

Gluten Free Foods

Rice beans nuts – Rice must be in your diet. Mostly the flour version of it. Rice flour is great for desserts and cakes (made by you) and it is naturally gluten free. I use rice flour to make little breads using seeds and olive oil. It is the tastiest bread that I’ve ever ate and it is also healthy. Nuts and many of the seeds are also Cheap Gluten Free Foods. They are great for a between meals snack.

Oils – It includes coconut oil, olive oil and many more. Use them in your cooking because they are gluten free and very healthy. They are full of healthy fatty acids that our body needs.

If you really want to follow a gluten free diet, you have to learn how to cook. There’s nothing healthier than a good meal cooked by yourself with love. These Cheap Gluten Free Foods are easy to cook. You can find many gluten free recipes. Also don’t forget about fresh foods and veggies. I always recommend, for any diet, to choose one or two days a week when you consume only fresh food, uncooked. They are full of enzymes and vitamins that cooked food loses in the cooking process.

Before you start this diet, you must throw away everything that contains gluten, from your home. It will make your diet easier if you have no temptations in the house. I wish you good luck with your diet.

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