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Chasteberry Acne Treatment

Chasteberry is an amazing alternative for treating reproductive tract disorders and menstrual symptoms. However, it is also a great remedy for acne. Although more research is needed to support these claims, chasteberry does have lot of potential. What it does is to help reduce acne flareups caused by fluctuating hormones. Here is more information about the chasteberry acne treatment:

Chesteberry comes from the shrub-like tree that is native to Asia and the Mediterranean area. The violet flowers produce a fruit that then dries and gets used in tinctures or in tablets. Women have been using chasteberry for thousands of years to help reduce their menstrual symptoms. This plant is also called monk’s pepper, because of its previous uses. In the Middle Ages, monks used it to decrease sexual desire.

Later on, a German pharmaceutical company started using chasteberry extract to treat premenstrual syndromes.

Chasteberry Acne TreatmentChasteberry Acne Treatment

Enough about its history, though. Let us move on to the actual chasteberry acne treatment. Acne occurs when your skin produces too much sebum. This clogs your pores and it leads to lesions and pimples because of the excess buildup. Dermatologists usually prescribe birth control pills to regulate hormones. Chasteberry is effective because it works in much the same way. Take note that chasteberry does not contain hormones nor any substance that is similar.

However, what makes this treatment so effective is the fact that it influences the hypothalamus. It can help regulate the fluctuations in hormones which are responsible for acne breakouts. Throughout certain periods of time, lots of people go through fluctuations in hormones. Chasteberry helps stabilize these fluctuations. This will, in turn, help clear your skin from your monthly breakouts.

All in all, the chasteberry acne treatment is effective, but we need more research on the matter. For now we do not know the full extent of this plant’s benefits. Therefore, whenever you want a treatment that is natural, you can resort to this miraculous plant. It is also best to talk to a dermatologist beforehand, to make sure it is alright to start this treatment.


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