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Chakra Clearing

Chakra Clearing – Meaning and Methods

Firstly, chakra Clearing is a very important process that you should do periodically. The chakras are energy centers of our body. Which can be blocked in time. The causes are negative memories, traumas, emotional injuries and many more. Even the lack of attention can shut down your chakras. A blocked chakra can cause many malfunctions in your physical, spiritual and emotional plan of existence. So, Chakra Clearing is very important in avoiding illnesses and experiencing the state of well being.

Chakra Clearing – Meaning and MethodsChakra Clearing Methods – The seven chakras

There are some general methods that can clean all of your chakras equally and methods that work best for each chakra in different way.

General Chakra Clearing methods:

Forgiveness is one of the best methods of clearing the chakras. Every negative emotion that you try to hide forms blockages in the chakras. You have to get rid of those negative emotions by forgiving, not only others, but also yourself. Practice Yoga! It is a great way to let the energy flow in your body and some asanas can help your body to unclog blockages of negative energy. Find a spiritual healer that knows the best how to clean your chakras with pure energy. You can find different healing methods such as massage, reiki, acupuncture and many more. You can also try chakra cleansing Meditations.

Best Chakra Clearing Method for each chakra:

Root Chakra – it is responsible for grounding. The best way to balance this energy center is by taking a nice walk barefoot.

Sacral Chakra – it is linked to pleasure and shame. The most effective way to clean this chakra is by taking a long bath. Add some sea salt to the water to make it more effective.

Solar Plexus Chakra – it is connected to our will and self-esteem. Sunlight is the only thing this energy center needs. Take a long walk in the sunlight or try sungazing.

Heart Chakra – it is the energy center responsible for love. The best way to clean this chakra and keep it in balance is by adopting a pet. They show us unconditional love, which is the best method of unclogging the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra – this energy center is linked to our communication skills. To unclog this chakra you have to become more honest and speak the truth. Find a friend and tell him everything that weights your soul. Keeping a journal is also very effective.

Third Eye Chakra – it is linked to our clarity of vision, psychic. The best way to balance this chakra is by meditating daily. 20 minutes of meditation a day has the best benefits, not only for your sixth chakra, but to your whole being.

Crown Chakra – it is our link to the divine, to the spiritual world. This chakra can be unclogged only with meditation, contemplation and prayer.

Practicing these few methods of Chakra Clearing will change your life. Balanced chakras will bring you closer to your higher consciousness, they bring inner peace and universal love. Enjoy!

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