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Cell Phone Dangers

Cell Phone Dangers

We may already be aware of all the cell phone dangers. But that doesn’t stop us from using it. The truth of the matter is that we have become somewhat dependent on it. What we should aim to do is limit cell phone dangers. With serious health consequences, electromagnetic radiation can seriously affect your health.

Here are some of the known cell phone dangers:

It hinders sleep. The screen light of your cell phone can seriously affect you circadian rhythm. That’s why you have trouble falling asleep after using your phone before going to bed. Make it a rule to avoid using your cell phone 3 hours before going to bed.

It spreads infections. Studies have shown that one of the cell phone dangers is using it in public places. Restrooms, hospital or markets increase the chance of contaminating it and getting infected with bacteria. Make it a rule to disinfect your cell phone as much as possible to prevent spreading germs and bacteria.

It raises heart problems. The electromagnetic radiation emitted by your cell phocell-phone-dangersne has the potential of causing oxidation and weakening of the cell membranes. It also causes heart irregularities and favors high blood pressure.

Cell Phone Dangers

It increases stress. The habit of checking your phone every few minutes can increase stress and anxiety. And studies have shown that the cell phone dangers extend to causing sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression.

It impairs hearing. The harm of radiation extend to causing damage to tissues and inner ears. In time, this can lead to hearing loss and ringing in the ears.

It causes poor vision. Particularly vulnerable to the radio waves emitted from cell phones, the eyes are the also affected. Cell phone dangers include macular degeneration and are the leading cause of blindness.

These are just some of the known dangers. Extensive usage affects and causes irreparable damage to your health. Try to reduce, as much as possible, your exposure to cell radiation and limit the usage to just the necessary.


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