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Celestial Sigil

The Best Celestial Sigil For Protection

The Best Celestial Sigil For Protection – the most powerful protecting sigil is that of Archangel Michael. Since Michael is the warrior that destroys the evil forces.

Celestial SigilThis sigil has many benefits for you. It doesn’t only protect you, but it actually protects you through Archangel Michael.

The Best Celestial Sigil For Protection

How to use it?


Using this Celestial Sigil is easy. Firstly you will have to learn to draw it. In case you can’t find objects online with the sigil on them. Drawing the Archangel Michael Sigil is not so hard. You need a Rose Wheel, a pencil, a ruler and the Hebrew translation of the Archangel’s name. The first Hebrew letter will be the starting point. Then draw a line between each consecutive letter. In the end, you will get the sigil that you see in the image below.

Archangel Michael Sigil-Celestial Sigil

This sigil is mostly used for protection. It is useful in invoking Archangel Michael to protect you during your ritual. In fact, it is important to ask Michael to protect you before every ritual, even the invocation of other angels. This way you will be sure that you are protected no matter what.

This Celestial Sigil is mostly present on candles and amulets for protection. Candles with this sigil on them are one of the most effective ways to invoke the archangel. Place them on your altar with other objects.

Celestial Sigil

On your altar, you can also use pictures of Archangel Michael and the other angels that you want to invoke. Also, use the crystals associated with the angels. For example the crystals of Archangel Michael are Sugilite and Dark Purple Amethyst. If you can’t find candles with the sigil online, then make your own.

Therefore, carve the symbol into the side of the candle. But be careful to really resemble the sigil. If you are not that good with carving, you can try an easier alternative. Print the sigil on a small paper and wrap it around the candle. But be careful, when the candle burns, to take the paper down before the flame gets to it.

For daily protection wear pendants and jewelry with this Celestial Sigil of Archangel Michael on them. Nowadays you can find even crystal pendants with symbol on them. The crystals must be cleansed very often, one small reminder. But the crystal pendants are the most powerful. Therefore, wear them daily for protection against evil and negative forces. It also protects you from accidents and dangerous situations.

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