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4 Celery Smoothie Recipes

4 Celery Smoothie Recipes

Celery makes for a great addition to any smoothie. A stalk or two adds vitamins, proteins as well as cuts from the sweetness of the beverage. Do not worry, because a celery smoothie does not have a leafy, green taste. If that was what you worried about. In addition to this, celery also has anti-inflammatory properties. However, it is best to use sweet fruit when you want to add celery. Things like pineapple, red grapes and peaches.

Here are some good recipes with celery that you can try:

Red grape and celery smoothie. You will need one small banana, one cup of red grapes, 2 celery stalks and 2 ounces of water. Add all of the ingredients into the blender and mix them. Voila! Now you have the perfect pre-workout drink to keep you going.

Pineapple celery smoothie. To make this one you need one small banana, ½ cup of pineapple, one celery stalk and two cups of baby spinach. You can also try making this smoothie with parsley instead of celery if you are feeling brave. Adding more greens to it is a must, because pineapple is overly sweet. The spinach and celery tone it down a bit while the banana gives you extra proteins.

4 Celery Smoothie RecipesCelery Smoothie Recipes

Blueberry and celery. Combine two celery stalks with one cup of blueberries and one cup of vanilla soy milk. Blend everything together for about a minute. Once all ingredients are incorporated, throw in a handful of ice. Blend for one or two more minutes until they crumble completely. Pour into a glass and serve. This is a refreshing beverage, full of antioxidants and perfect for the summer.

Apple, carrot and celery. For this last recipe you will need more ingredients. Therefore, get one celery stalk, one cup of mango, one carrot, juice from half a lemon, ¾ cup of coconut water and ¾ cup of ice. Throw everything into the blender and mix for one to two minutes. If you want a colder drink you can chill the mango beforehand.

All in all, these are some of the best celery smoothie recipes that you can make this summer. Try each of them and see which one you like best.

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