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Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation Chakra Meditation is a very important meditation that we should practice periodically. This meditation slows down your body’s frequency or vibration. Therefore, our chakra centers are more open than we think. These chakra centers absorb vibrations from the outside. These vibrations can be useful or not, high or …

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Balancing Crown Chakra

4 Powerful Methods Of Balancing Crown Chakra The crown chakra is the seventh chakra. It is responsible for our connection to the spiritual world. Also, it allows us to find our spirituality and stay connected to the Higher Power. It helps us to understand the concept of oneness and that …

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Achieving Mindfulness

Achieving Mindfulness At first, we must define this amazing state of mind. So, Mindfulness is the state of clear mind with the attention focused on an object, a thought a sensation. But without judging the focus point or letting other thoughts polluting our mind. Mindfulness was developed as a daily …

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