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Healthy Eating

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The Health Benefits of Guava

The Health Benefits of Guava The health benefits of guava are praised in many Asian countries, but its popularity is starting to spread to the western world, as well. You can use this fruit as a natural treatment for various health conditions, and as part of a balanced diet will …

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The Health Benefits of Lemons

The Health Benefits of Lemons The health benefits of lemons make this fruit a good ally in cases of infections, indigestion, high blood pressure, as well as hair and skin care. Considered blood purifiers, lemons can be used to strengthen your immune system and cleanse your stomach. They contain high …

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Uses of Garlic

Uses of Garlic Garlic is good for more than just cooking. Apart from its vampire-slaying capacities, the Uses of Garlic are way more extensive than you would think. From disinfecting to de-snowing your driveway, garlic can do it all. If you were not aware, here are some more uses for …

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Various Lemon Uses

Various Lemon Uses Being able to use them for cooking and for beauty treatments is what makes lemons amazing. This citrusy fruit has antioxidants that can cleanse your kidneys and it can even strengthen your immune system. However the list of lemon uses is longer than you’d think. Below we …

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Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Benefits of Dark Chocolate Chocolate is everyone’s guilty pleasure. Usually, if you are on a diet then you are advised to stay away from it. However, we have good news for you. Dark chocolate can represent an excellent dessert for those on a diet, and it has many positive effects. …

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Storage of Fruits and Vegetables

Storage of Fruits and Vegetables Although the refrigerator is a modern and very helpful invention, we should not store all our food in it. We know that it is a safe way of preventing food from spoiling, but certain food items are not made to be refrigerated. By exposing them …

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Foods for Strong Bones

Foods for Strong Bones Strong and healthy bones are extremely important for the well-being of your body. They help in improving your posture and protecting your internal organs from damage. Therefore, taking care of your bones should be one of your concerns. There are lots of Foods for Strong Bones …

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Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar You might not view eating too much sugar as a problem now, but on the long term it could prove to be very harmful. Studies have shown that many people consume too much sugar. This is not necessarily your fault, but rather of the …

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Foods to Alkalize Your Body

Foods to Alkalize Your Body You can easily balance your natural pH by adding to your meal choices more foods to alkalize your body. In turn, this will inhibit the growth of pathogens and enhance your body’s ability to fight off infections. An acid environment will make you more susceptible …

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Foods for Teeth Health

Foods for Teeth Health Your teeth health is important and must be treated as such. Even from an early age, good oral hygiene practices must be implemented. Staying away from certain foods, while reducing others will keep your teeth strong and healthy for many years to come. Here are some …

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