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healthy herbs

Healthy Herbs

Healthy Herbs When it comes to healthy herbs, many of them offer plenty of health benefits. In turn, you will be able to naturally boost your immune system and keep away potentially deadly diseases. The great thing about them is that they are easily available and you can even easier …

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bacon wrapped avocado

Bacon Wrapped Avocado

Bacon Wrapped Avocado It’s always nice to experiment with food and add a source of nutrients and healthy fat to your meals. Bacon wrapped avocado sprinkled with a dash of chili powder is one way to cook your avocado. We know that usually you do not cook avocados. Even if …

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baked apple chips

Baked Apple Chips

Baked Apple Chips Are you looking for a kid-friendly snack that has more nutrients than his preferred junk food? No worries. Even people that do not follow a Paleo diet can enjoy these baked apple chips. Sprinkled with cinnamon, they give a pleasant taste and smell that kids enjoy. Moreover, …

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peruvian ceviche

Peruvian Ceviche

Peruvian Ceviche This Peruvian Ceviche is a special dish that you can make in under half an hour. As long as you have some extra fresh fish, it will turn into a delight. Here is how you can make it: 1 red or yellow pepper, de-seeded and finely chopped 400 …

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chicken stew

Italian Chicken Stew

Italian Chicken Stew Cook up a big batch of hearty chicken stew using this recipe. Warm yourself up from the inside by eating a big bowl of this delicious dish! Here is how yo make it, along with a couple of variations for diversity. 1 tsp of dried Italian seasoning …

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Sirloin Steak

Roast Sirloin Steak With Indian Spices

Roast Sirloin Steak With Indian Spices What is better than a sirloin steak, seasoned to perfection with Indian spices? Not many things. This is why, today we are making exactly this. If you’re looking for a tasty dinner for the whole family to enjoy, then look no further. Here is …

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Austrian Meatballs and Spaetzle

Austrian Meatballs and Spaetzle The German spaetzle is a type of dumping that goes with just about anything. For this recipe, we paired it up with some Austrian meatballs. Here is the foolproof recipe of how to make it at home: 1 package of brown mushrooms 2 cloves of garlic …

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Blackstrap Molasses

Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses Blackstrap molasses is type of thick, dark syrup. This is a product that results after sugar cane plants are processed to make sugar. While refined sugar can be unhealthy, this product contains lots of minerals and nutrients. Rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and other vitamins, blackstrap …

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mango pulled pork

Mango Pulled Pork

Mango Pulled Pork Smoky, spicy and sweet. This is the perfect combination for the pulled pork that you are trying to cook. It is also delicious when served as a sandwich filling. Here is how you can make it, along with variations of the recipe: 1 tsp of salt ½ …

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beef brisket stroganoff recipe

Beef Brisket Stroganoff Recipe

Beef Brisket Stroganoff Recipe If you need something to eat for brunch, then this beef stroganoff recipe is for you. It is a great combination of cream, Parmesan cheese and onions. You can even use leftover beef brisket for this recipe, if you have some and don’t want it to …

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