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probiotic foods

Probiotic Foods

Probiotic Foods Probiotic foods will improve your digestive health and improve both nutrient absorption and your immune system’s response. Without enough probiotics, you will be more prone to digestive disorders, skin issues, candida, and frequent colds. In turn, probiotic foods will contribute to a better digestion, healthier skin, weight loss …

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milk benefits

Milk Benefits

Milk Benefits Milk benefits makes it one of the healthiest ingredient. As part of a healthy diet, milk will contribute to the strengthening of your teeth and bones and protect your digestive health. What is more, it can help you heal your skin from the inside out and make your …

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healthy pancakes

Healthy Pancakes: How To

Healthy Pancakes: How To Healthy pancakes will ensure a delicious, yet nutritious breakfast. Because not all pancakes are created equal, you can still enjoy healthy recipes. All you’ll have to do is pay a little attention to the ingredients you add to the mix. In doing so, you will manage …

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pommes aligot

Pommes Aligot

Pommes Aligot Pommes Aligot is a cheesy twist of your regular mashed potatoes. Traditionally, it is made with Tomme de Lauiole d’Auvergne cheese. This type of cheese is famous for its melting qualities but it is pretty hard to find outside of France. Due to this, we are going to …

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Chocolate Roll cake

Chocolate Roll Cake

Chocolate Roll Cake There are not many ingredients in this chocolate roll cake but all of them come together easily. Moreover, this dessert looks fancy enough for you to serve it at a dinner party. Here is how you can do it at home: 100g of sugar 4 medium eggs …

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honey baked ham

Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham Spiral cut ham is not something that all people love. Sometimes the glaze can be too sweet or the texture of the beat is too chewy. However, this honey baked ham recipe avoids both pitfalls. The glaze is not too sweet and the ham will be cooked …

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egg frittata

How to Make an Egg Frittata

How to Make an Egg Frittata If you are low o time, then an egg frittata can save your dinner or lunch. It takes no more than 20 minutes to make, which is good news when you are hungry. As long as you have some vegetables and maybe a little …

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cranberry orange relish

Cranberry Orange Relish

Cranberry Orange Relish Cranberry sauce is by now a Thanksgiving staple, offering a bit of color in a mass of brown, orange and tan. Sadly, not many people opt to make their own when the canned version is available. However, there is no reason not to try your hand in …

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cauliflower rice

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice Not enough people say this, but cauliflower rice is delicious! No exaggeration. It takes about 5 minutes to make and it also has a light and fluffy consistency. You can replace couscous or rice in any dish, no matter whether hot or cold. Here is a step-by-step recipe …

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green tea cake

Green Tea Cake

Green Tea Cake This green tea cake will be perfect for the Easter holidays. The idea is to pipe out the green meringue so that it looks like blades of grass. The square shape will give also help give it the shape of a garden. Here is how you can …

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