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Healing Methods

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy First of all, Craniosacral Therapy is also called cranial-sacral therapy. And it represents an alternative therapy that focuses on primary respiration and regulating the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. Craniosacral Therapists use their hands to manipulate certain synarthrodial joints of the patient’s cranium. Therefore, this therapy contains practices linked …

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Ayurveda Healing

Ayurveda Healing Ayurveda Healing represents a traditional Hindu medicine. Therefore, it is a type of alternative medicine. It is known as a discipline of the upaveda in the Vedic tradition, in India. A legend says that the knowledge of Ayurveda was given to Dhanvantari by Brahma. So, Ayurveda was developed about 5,000 …

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