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Can Hormones Cause Weight Loss?

Can Hormones Cause Weight Loss?

This article will deal mainly with estrogen and its action on body fat. Does estrogen store fat? Can hormones cause weight loss? What about weight gain? Does it matter when you are taking birth control or RHT? Continue reading and find out more about this issue.

All of the above are great questions but the answer to them is more complicated than that. Most people think that the hormones have a single action on the body. This is utterly untrue. Also, it is the main reason as to why we can’t give a straight answer.

Hormones can act differently depending on the person and the tissue they are acting in. For example, estrogen behaves differently in the brain than in the uterus or the fat cells. Moreover, hormones never work alone. Other hormones can affect or block the effects of estrogen. Testosterone, for one, can decrease the impact of estrogen’s effects on fat storage.

Can Hormones Cause Weight Loss?Can Hormones Cause Weight Loss

Usually, changes in the estrogen receptors occur as a sign of menopause. This also means that it is harder for you to lose weight. As a result, this puts a greater pressure on women to eat healthier and exercise more. A healthy diet might regulate their metabolism and keep the estrogen levels under control.

A source of estrogen is the liver, ovaries, adrenal glands and your fat tissues, primarily the breasts. Before you hit menopause, the ovaries are the main source that produces estrogen. An imbalance in hormone levels can lead to weight loss. Much the same way that it can also cause weight gain. It all depends on the person and their lifestyle.

As of now, the best thing to do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, cut down on junk food and your hormone levels will be kept in check. We all know that a healthy lifestyle and diet is the solution to most health problems.

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