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California Poppy for Anxiety

California Poppy for Anxiety

Nowadays, everyone seems dead set on scurrying around to complete their tasks. In this hectic schedule and in this chase for perfection, there is no time to relax. It would be nice to find a method to unwind and let loose. Something to ease our angst without actually sending us into oblivion. Enter California poppy. This beautiful plant has many health benefits, including soothing stress. Today we will talk about California poppy for anxiety.

This beautiful, four petaled flower with thin stems grows in almost every western state. People cultivate it widely in the area, for both aesthetic and medicinal benefits. California poppy grows in open grasslands, sunny hillsides and even in populated cities. This delicate orange flower sheds its petals very soon after flowering. Thus, it leaves behind a long, tubular seed pod.

California Poppy for AnxietyCalifornia Poppy for anxiety

Why does California poppy work for anxiety? First of all because it contains opioids. This is an ingredient that promotes a restful sleep and has sedative effects. In addition to this, the substance does not lead to addiction, contrary to popular belief. In low doses, you can use this plant as a mild relaxant. When you up the dosage it just induces sleep. People used this as a sleeping aid for fussy babies. It works well for them because of the herb’s gentle nature. Just like its narcotic cousin, California poppy has pain-relieving properties too.

Across the United States, lots of companies use this herb for it sedative and sleep promoting capacities. It is no wonder that people also use California poppy for anxiety. Due to its sedative effects, it soothes the mind and promotes relaxation.

You can prepare an infusion of it by steeping ¼ ounce of the herb in 8 ounces of boiling water. To prepare a decoction, simmer ¼ or ½ ounces of herb in one cup of water until only one half of it remains. When you use water or alcohol extracts of the California poppy for anxiety, add 30 to 60 drops to a cup of either water or juice.

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