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Caliel Angel of Justice

Caliel Angel of Justice

Caliel Angel of Justice is the 18th name of God. The Bible scripture according to the name Caliel is: “Judge me, O Lord my God, according to thy righteousness; and let them not rejoice over me”. The name’s meaning is The Invocable God (Deus Invocandus). Also, he is one of the Thrones.

Caliel Angel of Justice

Caliel Angel of Justice

Angel Caliel is the angel and protector of the Absolute Truth. He eliminates all doubt and proves innocent. He has the Divine Justice and the karmic vision. Caliel discerns what is right. He can provide us the understanding of the interaction between good and evil. Caliel respects and make you respect the Divine Laws. He can transform you into the perfect and honest judge. He can fill you with integrity and love for justice. Pray for him and he will allow you to discover the truth from up above and to rediscover the source of elevation. Caliel Angel of Justice can give you the powerful capacity to see through intentions.

Caliel Angel of Justice can help you when you face condemnation. Ask for his help when you or someone use justice for material gain. He can cure those who desperately seek to win and rivals others. Ask for his guidance when you face false witness, false evidence and flattery. Caliel can help you solve unfair trials, scandals, corruption, dishonesty and falseness. Pray for his guidance when you are in entangled and confused situations.

Guardian Angel

In conclusion, Caliel Angel of Justice is the protector of those who were born between June 16 and June 21. These people are intelligent, charismatic and have a very strong personal magnetism. They have awesome intuition in uncovering the truth. Those people who are influenced by Caliel always try to understand everything until the smallest detail. They are very patient and preserved. These persons can analyze any situation with calm and objectivity. They love justice, truth and integrity, they are incorruptible in every circumstances. Their faith is unshakable, this helping them perform great miracles.

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