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Body Alkalinization

The Importance Of Body Alkalinization

We are living in a slightly alkaline environment which has a big influence upon our body. Maintaining the optimal pH of our body is not an easy thing. Body Alkalinization is the process of restoring the proper pH balance in our body. We need to do it daily if we want a healthy body. Body Alkalinization is depending on our diet, mostly. We have to be careful what we eat, and especially, what we drink.

Body AlkalinizationBody Alkalinization methods:

Consume fruits and vegetables – most fruits and veggies are alkaline (except of cranberries). Fruits and vegetables are so alkaline that they can neutralize the acids in our body. Freshly pressed juices are recommended to be consumed daily. Try to avoid acid-forming foods by replacing them with fruits and vegetables. They can also make great and healthy snacks between two meals.

Take a break from animal protein – It was demonstrated that those who cut back from animal protein such as meat, cheese and eggs are quickly restoring the pH balance in their body. These products are very acidic and unhealthy. You don’t have to stop consuming these products. But you can choose a day of the week when you don’t eat meat. Another day without eggs. And so on. You can also try to replace animal protein with vegetable protein. Which is more healthy and alkaline. If you are a big meat eater, as I was, it will be hard first, but you will get used to it. With a little bit of ambition you can go vegan any minute.


Read the labels of the water you drink – Water is the most important in a Body Alkalinization diet. We drink a lot of water per day. If that water id under 7 pH, then it does more harm than good. The best water for alkalinization are those with a pH higher than 8. You can find that kind of water in most of the shops with natural products. But you can’t find them in supermarkets, don’t ask yourself why. So, take care of your body, and read the label of the water you drink. And avoid tap water. It has a very low pH.

Plan your meals – This can help you from going out eating something you try to avoid. You can pack yourself some healthy foods for work or school. Try to cook your own food with natural ingredients. This will make the process of alkalinization easier.

Our body can face a lot of diseases and health problems when it is too acidic. It was demonstrated that viruses can’t live and reproduce in an alkaline environment. But when they are introduced in a very acidic environment they will start to reproduce instantly. This is the cause of most of our health problems. Start the process of Body Alkalinization right now and you will not regret it.

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