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Black Tea with Milk

Best Black Tea with Milk Facts

Millions of people starts their day with a cup of Black Tea with Milk. Each of these ingredients have powerful health benefits. Even if there is a great debate of milk may reduce the benefits in black tea, people continues drinking it. In this article you will see how these ingredients affect each other. This will help you to make healthier choices for your mornings.

Black Tea with Milk

You probably already know the benefits of black tea. All its compounds are beneficially for your body and helps against many diseases. The studies show that long-term consumption of black tea can help protect against cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, development of cancers and osteoporosis.

Black Tea with Milk

Also, milk contains the highest concentration of absorbable calcium from all dairy foods. If you fortify milk consumption with vitamin D, milk is absorbed more effectively. You can promote the vitamin D absorption from sardines, salmon, tuna, eggs or mushrooms. Calcium is a crucial mineral in your body. It performs functions such as maintaining and building bones and teeth, regulating your heart’s rhythm and transmitting nerve impulses.

If you can’t consume dairy products or you are lactose-intolerant, you can add soy milk to your black tea. Unfortunately the soy milk as a lack of the enzyme known as lactase, which can break down sugar in dairy foods. But, soy milk has a lot of benefits against heart diseases and lower bad cholesterol.

Soy milk or regular milk added in your tea can inhibit your body’s insulin activity. A study from 2002 noted that black tea enhances insulin activity. But, while you drink Black Tea with Milk (regular or soy milk) had no effects on the insulin activity. Also, there are a few studies that was conducted to determine the milk’s ability to block the polyphenols in black tea. This fact is not real, the study revealed that those polyphenols is not affected by adding milk.

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