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Black Currant Tea Benefits

Black Currant Tea Benefits

Black currant tea is made from the dried fruit or the dried leaves of the black currant bush. Even the leaves are full of fragrance and aroma, however that is less strong when they dry. You can make the tea either from the berries or the leaves, depending on your tastes. This tea is full of antioxidants and provides you with many health benefits. Here are some of the most important:

High vitamin content. Black currant tea is rich in vitamin C, just like the fruits themselves. A single ¼ cup of fresh berries transform into one tablespoon of dried black currants. You can use it to make 2 cups of delicious tea. It has more than 50 milligrams of vitamin C, a natural and powerful antioxidant. You need vitamin C to boost your immunity and to help repair your tissues.

Helps with inflammation. Both the fruits and the leaves of black currant have anthocyanins. These are a powerful substance that acts as an antioxidant. Its main purpose is to fight against inflammation of the tissues. It can even help against inflammation from smoking or from exposure to toxins.

Black Currant Tea BenefitsBlack Currant Tea Benefits

Anti-viral effect. A recent study demonstrated that black currant tea can protect against the influenza A virus. Apparently, if you drink black currant tea during the incipient stages, you can prevent it from spreading and kill it in two hours! Black currant leaf extract also reduces the risk of infections.

Anti-cancer effects. Black currants, just like any other purple fruit, is rich in anthocyanins. You can find this substance in the skin of these fruits. What is so great about it is that it can kill cancer cells and inhibit their growth. Black currant juice can significantly reduce the proliferation of liver cancer cells.

All in all, there are lots of important benefits that you get from black currant tea. Why not take advantage of it? Make yourself a nice cup of tea and reap all of these amazing benefits. Stay healthy and happy by consuming more natural products.

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