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Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks

Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks

When caught red handed, people turn to all sorts of bizarre weight loss tricks. For some they works. For some they doesn’t. Some argue that it all begins and ends in the mind. Because if you can get your mind right, your body will follow. Others argue that you have to put your body to work and your mind will follow.

The thing about some bizarre weight loss tricks is that they might work if you believe in them enough.

Here are some of the bizarre weight loss tricks:

Pray your way to shedding the pounds. Studies have shown that prayer activates certain areas of the brain. It has the effect of altering brain patterns. Prayer has been proven beneficial in certain brain diseases, as well.

Decorate with blue and green. Scientists have proven that colors like yellow and red can stimulate appetite. In opposition, blue and green suppresses it. Doesn’t sound that complicated, does it?

Choose your seat wisely. Take a mental note to sit near the eweight-loss-tricksnd of the table at the your next dinner party. Seeing that most food is in the middle of the table, you won’t have that easy of an access to it. So you it’ll be less likely that you’ll eat seconds or snack between courses.

Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks

Turn off your TV. When you sit long hours in front of your TV, you are more prone to eating. Think about the popcorn, ice cream, or the little snacks that get you through your favorite TV show. Choose instead other activities. Spend time with your pet and kids, go for a walk or do some gardening.

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These are just some of the weight loss tricks that people try. They are not absurd in nature. They are just a little bit eccentric. But the point of them all is to rewire your brain. After you’ve done working on getting the right mindset, you can start to work on your body as well.

The hardest are the first steps. When you will start to feel better, you will want to feel good all the time. You will exercise more, you will make healthier choices and be happier and more energized.


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