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Best Gut Diet Recipes

Best Gut Diet Recipes

Gut syndrome is a condition which allows proteins and bad bacteria to pass into your blood stream. You can prevent this syndrome cooking these Gut Diet Recipes. It is better to prevent the leaky gut than cure it. So being careful when you are diagnosed with leaky gut is a good thing. Therefore, here are the best Gut Diet Recipes:

Gut Diet Recipes

Bone Broth provides many important minerals and amino acids that improve mineral deficiencies and help healing leaky gut. You can add some vegetables in it for a tastier version. The bone broth compounds will improve your condition every time you eat it.

Gut Diet Recipes

Probiotic Rich Foods are very important in any gut diet. These help to strengthen the immune system, improving digestion and increasing energy levels from production of vitamin B12. Try to eat as much raw probiotic rich foods as possible. If you can’t consume them raw, you can use them in your recipes. There is a simple rule, don’t overcook them. In this category can be found: kefir, yogurt, kombucha, natto and cultured vegetables such as Sauerkraut and Kimchi.

Steamed vegetables in any form or dish are welcome. However, try to avoid starchy vegetables. You can eat what vegetable you want as long as it is steamed. Vegetables are essential for any leaky gut diet because they are easy to digest. Also, after steaming the vegetables you can fry them in olive oil for 2-3 minutes. This will make them tastier.

In conclusion, you should avoid the following ingredients: gluten, cow’s dairy, sugar and GMOs. These Gut Diet Recipes should improve the leaky gut syndrome. Also, you can use some essential oils such as ginger or peppermint oil. These two oils will soothe your intestinal inflammation and cure the gut. You can take these oils internally in a glass of water with 2 drops of each. Or you can mix 3 drops of each oil with coconut oil and rub your abdomen twice daily.

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