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Basic Yoga Asanas

Basic Yoga Asanas

Basic Yoga AsanasBasic Yoga Asanas are Yoga Postures for beginners. These are the simplest warm up and yoga exercises for newbies in Yoga.

Doing these postures and exercises periodically, you can improve your balance and strength.

The Basic Yoga Asanas are easy to do and they will prepare your body for harder asanas that you are not used to.


The Basic Yoga Asanas are:

Circling the waist. This Basic Yoga Asanas is easy and simple. Stand and join your feet together. Put your hands on the lower back. Stay straight. Now circle your waist 32 times clockwise and 32 times in the other direction. This Asana harms your lower back.

Circling your hips. Stand and Spread your legs. Put your hands on the outside part of your hips. Bend your knees a little bit. Circle your hips 25 time clock-wise and 25 times in the other direction.

Side stretch. Join your feet together. Join your hands together and and stretch them to the sky. Stay in that straight position with you hands and legs and breath. So now stretch on the right hand side and then on the left. Do it 20 times on each side.

Forward bend. This Basic Yoga Asanas requires to stand straight. Join your feet together. Bend over from your waist and touch your toes. Don’t bend your knees. Repeat it 20 times.

Arm swing. Stand straight. Step with your right leg forward. Try to bend forward and start to make circles with your right arm. Do the same for the left feet and arm. Repeat 10 times for each part.

Basic Yoga Asanas

Upper back twist. Stand straight. Move your upper body to the right and side. Don’t move your lower body at all. And repeat it for the left side also and relax.

Sukhasana. This Basic Yoga Asanas requires the cross-legged position. Place your right knee under your thigh. And now place the left knee the same way. Place your palms on your knees. Keep your head straight and your look in front.


Majariasana. Sit in the previous position (Sukhasana). Place your hands on the floor in front of you. Touch your knees with your elbows while your hands are on the floor. Now lift your body and stay in a cat position. Bend your lower back. Now turn your face upwards. Come back to the cat position. This time Lift your upper body and face downwards.


Tadasana. Stand straight. Put up your hands and stretch them. Try to keep your hands straight. This position can increase your height.


Downward facing dog pose. In this Basic Yoga Asanas, sit down on a cross-legged position. Slowly get your body in Majariasana. Exhale and lift up your body and your hips. Try to stretch as much as your body allows you to. You have to stretch until you get the shape of “V”. Keep your position for 30 seconds.


Virabhadrasana (the warrior position). Stand straight. Move your feet apart about 4 inches. Raise your arms and stretch them. Turn your right leg 90 degrees on the right side. Keep your back straight while stretching. Repeat it 10 times.


Basic Yoga Asanas

Vrikshasana (tree pose). This Basic Yoga Asanas requires you to stand in the earlier mentioned Tadasana position. Move your legs apart while touching the ground with your soles. Now bend your left leg from the knee and place it on the inner side of your right leg. Now join your hands as you are praying. Place your hands on your chest and pressurize them. Lift up your hands and stretch them. Repeat it for the other side.


Setu Bandhasana (bridge pose). Lie on your back. Bend your knees but your feet sole has to lie flat on the floor. Upper your body until the distance between your feet and your buttocks is the same as between your hands. Try to upper and stretch your body and then release for 10 times.

Setu Bandhasana

Trikonasana. Stand straight. Move your hands and legs away from your body. Count from 1 to 20. While you count, you have to touch your right hand to the left toe and the left hand to the right toe by banding over. Repeat it for 40 and relax.


Seated twist. Sit in a cross-legged position. Put your right hand on your right knee. Try to twist your body on the left. Keep your back straight. Do the same on the right direction.

Seated twist

These were 15 Basic Yoga Asanas. These positions are very simple and easy to practice at home for those who hare beginners in yoga. With these asanas, you will be able to get used to stretches and moves. Which are important if you want to get to the harder yoga poses.

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