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Astral Projection Techniques

Astral Projection Techniques

Astral Projection is also called Astral Travel. It is an out of body experience. Astral Projection Techniques were designed to help us separate our astral body from the physical body and to make us capable of traveling outside it. With these Astral Projection Techniques we can travel in an astral plane by leaving our physical body.

Astral Projection Techniques

The Best Astral Projection Techniques

The best known Astral Projection Techniques are: The Rope Technique, watching yourself going to sleep, The Monroe technique, lucid dreams, displaced-awareness technique and the Jump technique. There are many more. Today I will talk about these 5 techniques. But before you try any of these techniques, you should be aware of the main Astral Projection Dangers.

The Rope Technique was created by Robert Bruce. It is the most effective technique. When you use this technique, you have to use an imaginary rope. It is hanging from the ceiling. You have to lay down. Relax. Now imagine that you reach out with your hands to the rope. Imagine pulling yourself up. You are going to feel dizziness the more you pull yourself up. Keep climbing until you feel the vibration starting. But you keep climbing. Next sensation will be freedom from your body. Now you will hover above your body.


Watching yourself going to sleep is another Astral Projection Techniques. Lie down on the bad. Relax your body and clear your mind. Now you have to tell yourself that you will watch yourself sleeping. Let your body sleep while your mind is awake. You have to keep your mind awake while your body goes to sleep. You have to feel every sensation, when your body gets in trance. Now you could feel that you are floating. You can feel vibrations, hear buzzing. Don’t stop the process. Now imagine that you raise up from the bed. Imagine yourself floating towards the ceiling. At some point you are going to actually float.

The Monroe Technique was created by Dr. Robert Monroe. Get comfortable. Relax your entire body. Now try to go to sleep, but don’t fall asleep. Try to be awake in the hypnagogic state. It is the state between sleep and wakefulness. Deepen the state and clear your mind. Look at the blackness in front of you with your eyes closed. Now relax deeper. Induce some vibrations in your body and intensify them. These vibrations will help your astral body separate from the physical one. When the vibrations got more intense, simply role over. You are out of your body.

Other Techniques

Lucid dreaming is another Astral Projection Technique. When you have lucid dreams, you are aware that you are dreaming. In this state, you are already out of your body. You have to really desire the lucid dreaming to achieve it. You have to get obsessed about, read about it, think about it every time you can. Now choose a trigger for lucid dreaming.

The trigger can be a sentence like “Tonight I will have a lucid dream”. You also have to keep asking yourself during the day if you are dreaming. This way you will program your sub-conscious in just a few days. First time you will achieve the lucid dream you will know that you are dreaming and that you are out of your body. When you realize that, the dreamland you have been in will suddenly disappear. And you will find yourself floating above your physical body in the bedroom.

Astral Projection

Displaced-awareness is another from the five Astral Projection Techniques I have chosen to talk about today. Close your eyes and relax. Try to achieve the trance state. Sense your room at once. Now imagine that you are above your shoulders looking at the room. Also,  imagine that your astral body is rotating by 180 degrees. Now your astral head should be at your physical feet. Now displace your sense of direction.

You can do this by imagining yourself looking at the room from the astral body’s perspective. Now you could get dizzy. But don’t panic, it is normal. When you feel ready, imagine that you float towards the ceiling. You can pop out of your physical body anytime.

These are five of the most effective Astral Projection Techniques. I tried to describe them as good as I could. It is your time to try them and choose the one that works the best for you. One of these Astral Projection Techniques will surely help you get in the astral plane.

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