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Archangel Sigils

Archangel Sigils

Archangel Sigils are the seven sigils of the seven archangels who rule the seven Heavens. The word “sigil” means seal, mark or device. Nowadays sigils are usually meaning a mysterious and magical sigil that we can use to summon angels, demons or spirits or we can use it in rituals. Archangel Sigils are signatures of the archangels. It usually contains the name of the archangel and the power to summon it.

Archangel Sigils

Archangel Sigils

Archangel Sigils can be used in many ways, not only to summon an archangel. They all posses powerful energy. They act like transmitters between you and the archangels. It transfers your message or prayer to your angels in a more accurate way. And they also can send the power of an angel to you and protect you. These sigils protect you. But only if you use it for positive things. They will not work when you are full with negative thoughts and intentions.

Meditating with archangels is easier when you are wearing their angel sigils. When you are in a difficult situation and you want invoke an archangel to ask for help and guidance, the Archangel Sigils will make it easier. Choose the angel sigil that belongs to the archangel who can guide you and start the ritual, meditation or other spiritual work with angels.

Celestial Sigils

There are many shops where you can by crystals that belong to each one of the archangels with their sigils graven on them. These crystals have the same energy as the archangel has. When you need courage to make some changes in your life or you need protection, choose the crystal made for Archangel Michael. When you need healing and recovering from illness, happiness and joy, then choose the Crystal that belongs to Archangel Raphael.

These are magical sigils. It was believed even in the ancient sacred geometry that the Archangel Sigils are magical and powerful. And they really are. They are created with the Rose Cross. This wheel contains all the letters of the alphabet. You have to draw a line from the first letter of an archangel’s name to the second and so on until the last one. This way you will get a symbol, a sigil. This how you can create the symbol of any archangel. This way you can create even the sigil of your guardian angel, if you already know his name.

Archangel Sigils are a powerful tools that we should benefit of everyday. Find the one that you need and use, because they love to help us, we just have to ask.

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